Friday, September 7, 2007

Bagman NB02

Now I really don't know much about Bagman and from the hits I get from googling it gives me the impression it is not a famous brand. Of course, I could be wrong. I happen to see the sale of it in the LYN forums here and one of them caught my eye.

The Bagman NB02 can hold a 14" laptop with enough room for the power adapter and other accessories. Which was what I wanted, so I could drag my Dell C640 around and smooze with the snobs in Starbucks as we all surf the net.

So here is what it looks like on the inside:

Here is the Bagman with my Dell in it:

Here it is opened in the front:

So, according the tag attached to my Bagman, it can hold has much weight as I can carry. A bold statement I dare say. So I stuck in my Dell and its power adapter. All in all it was about 3 kilos in weight and I notice the stitching where the strap attaches to the bag starting to strain. You can see an example here with just the laptop in the bag:

This makes me a bit worried as we all know how nylon loves to unwrap when it stressed enough. Though dragging the Bagman around for a week there doesn't seem any weakening it is something you should observe once in while least your precious laptop kiss concrete as you run up a flight of steps.

So how well does the Bagman protect your lappy? Well in the laptop compartment there is thick foam padding on the front, back, bottom and sides. The laptop is secured in place with a strap/flap so it won't slip out should the bag turn upside down and the flap is open.

The strap is quite soft and is wide enough that it doesn't dig into your shoulder. There are also handles on the back and side so you can carry it by hand if you need to.

Is water tight but the flap does not cover the top completely so if your in a heavy shower you might find your lappy bobbing in the bag later.

Well, there is a lot to love about the Bagman for the price I paid for it (RM60), it is well stitched, fairly tough and comfortable. There is space still left after putting your lappy in it for the power adapter, some text books, pens, etc. Not to mention any stuff you might want to stick in the front pocket and flap's fish net pocket.
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