Friday, September 14, 2007

1st my T9 goes funny then my D-Link 500T dies.

Just not a good couple of days.... my D-Link 500T went up and died again. This is my second set in 2 years since I started using them. So I decided to change to Zyxel's P-660R just for kicks. So far it is handling well so my hopes are high. The configuration of it was pretty damn simple which took me by surprise since the 500T was so hard to configure I just set my IP to the DMZ.

As you can see the status window is pretty informative especially on how much the router is straining. This by way the user login mode. When you login in admin mode you get mess with the settings.

As you can see the 660R looks really small in the pic above. Well, in actual size the 660R is twice the size of that pic. It really is a small little mofo.

Since my 500T died I decided to open it for fun. Here is what I found.

I bought the Zygel P-660R for RM110 which is not bad. I could have gotten a D-Link DSL-520T for RM99 but since my bad luck with D-Link and Zyxel has long standing history in the router market I decided to try my luck elsewhere.

On another note if you are looking for a cheap Wireless G router try this TP-Link 54Mbps Wireless-G TL-WR542G for RM130 which you can find here.
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