Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vidcast - Tekzilla.

Here is another vidcast for you g33ks out there: Tekzilla. Patrick is here, apparently he is two-timing David from Systm with Jessica.

A quick run down of Tekzilla is that it's a guy's and girl's/ g33k and non-g33k for beginner g33ks out there. Think of it as a less awkward DL.TV

Any who, they cover quite a few more gadgets (from my point of view) and rumble less on than what you see on DL.TV

But one of the cool things of the show is the theme song, just reminds me of using his forefinger continuously pushing one button on the keyboard as he stares zombified at the screen.

Where as you got Systm's 80s SciFi theme song. Both damn cool, both need to download for ringtone. Me need. Me need bad.

BTW Patrick if you are reading this, one of these days I'll send you that Porky Pig clip but instead of him saying SOB in the end I'll slice one of your's. LOL
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