Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vidcast - DadLabs

"That's the Bill Cosby."
- DadLabs.

Here is one right out of nowhere, DadLabs hosted by 2 'full time' daddies who's goal is to give an average soon to be dad a look at parenting.

Brad and Clay usually takes opposite sides on philosophically discussions like whether to send your kid to collage or just throw that collage fund into an account so he can later use in life and just send him to the local U.

They also cover gadgets, 'what to do' situations and other helpful tips. All produce in a fun, lively manner so that no matter the age of the daddy watching it's all good tv. So check the other sections just be warned, the site is more or less 'self runned' so it may be a bit confusing or messy.
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