Saturday, February 1, 2014

My idealistic socialist society.

1. Free housing (right to have at least a livable room per person, that has cooking, washing and toilet).
2. 3 Meals a day.
3. Free electricity.
4. Free water (daily quota).
5. Free clothing (free daily wear clothes provided that are not fashion brands, 20 sets of each article (shoes, shirts, etc., every year).
6. Free unlimited access to communication network (data, voice and video) ie free internet and phone services.
7. Free public transport.
8. Free education services (schools, university, online courses).
9. Free medical attention and treatment at government (not private ones) hospitals.

After that all other extra stuff (luxary items) you will have to get a job and work for it. If you want to just live and explore yourself intellectually no prob, sit at home and read up. If you want the cars, chicks and drugs you'll need to get a job then :P
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