Saturday, January 18, 2014

CES 2014: My Thoughts.

Well CES 2014 is over much to the sigh of relief to all the tech journalists and although not real groundbreaking news was released some interesting trends and products did surface.

1. Drones/Robots: There were tons of them doing all sorts of things like jumping, 'running', dancing and most importantly flying around with cameras. The last part should interest video content makers on very low budget that want unbelievable aerial views.

DJI Phantom 2

2. Wearables and Fitness/Life Style Monitors: Apparently, we can't get enough of ourselves. It's either that or we don't seem to have the time or mental capacity to manage our time and lifestyles. I joke, but come 5-7 years you will have gadgets all around the house/office or on you consistently reminding you to do things or telling you how you are feeling today.

LG Gear

3. Curved TVs: Big names think they will be the bomb but in honesty the only question we are all asking is: when are we getting under 1K USD 4K OLED TVs running at 60p to 120p?

LG 105" Curved 5K TV

4. 3D Printers: They are under 1K USD now and they rock so hard. If you are a model maker, custom souvenir designer, modder or whatever these printers come in real handy and can earn you big bucks.

3D Printer Roundup

5. External Batteries: Surprisingly, it was not the usual suspects that was also showing off their wears but you got PC brands doing the same! I guess everyone needs a good battery handy.

Patriot Roundup

6. Cars: And finally the thing that really got people clamming about not to mention wish they had money for these prestige badges - cars! Tons of cars, all equally good and equally sexy. Main theme seems to be either smart in the brains or smart in the efficiency. Frankly, I take double helpings of both seeing how the fuel prices are rising here in Malaysia.


BMW i3



P.S. The reason why I stop labeling the videos from CES 2014 was there were too damn many of them. Working on my review of the Poor Man's Smartphone: Lenovo A369i.
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