Friday, September 11, 2009

Promises are made to be broken!!

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. The how to videos will come when I get the screencapture program installed and a virual box ready.

But in other news; before I start on my Acer Aspire One Sata HDD mod I decided to rearm myself with some soldering hardware. So I got myself a new cheap iron, a battery powered iron, soldering wick, soldering paste and a solder sucker.

Before I kill my AOne's mobo I did some practicing on my ATI x1950 card since 2 of its supposed solid capacitor blew. Borrowed a few caps from a dead mobo. At first the card didn't want to boot. But after a while the caps charged up and I boot into a Live CD of Mint 7 and ran some videos.

Here are some pics:

I'll have a more detailed pic-documentary of the slaughter of my AOne. Wish me luck.
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