Monday, April 27, 2009

Howto: Installing HD codes for playback of Blu-Ray and HD DVD files.

Here is the second part of the Howto Guide of Installing HD Codecs.

Media Player Classic settings
select view/options/External filters/
Add filter ....... Haali Media Splitter (AR), set merit 00900000, set prefer
Add Filter ........ ffdshow audio decoder, set merit 00700000
Add filter ....... cyberlink H.264/AVC Decoder or CoreAVC, set merit 00900400
Add Filter ........ Sonic Cinemaster Audio Decoder 4.3.0, set merit 00805000
Add Filter ........ ffdshow video decoder, set merit 00800000 (late fix to stop ffdshow taking over from cyberlink)
Add Filter ....... Sonic Cinemaster Video Decoder, set merit 00700000 (late fix to stop Cinemaster Video taking over from ffdshow video

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