Saturday, September 20, 2008

Atom 330 1.6Ghz

I order the new hot Atomm 330 as soon as I heard it was available here. Picked up just the mobo from Mika ( instead of the system package since I already got a system package for the Atom 230.

I got the Atom 330 on Thuresday, (actually it arrived here in Malaysia on Monday but I was waiting for my moolah to clear) straight away went for some testing. First, thing I notice is that the CPU heatsink although now taller is barer to the 230's CPU heatsink on the left. The chipset heatsink/fan for the 330 has also changed size and became a little smaller. In a sense, Intel has even out the sizes of both the CPU and chipset heatsinks so they are now more or less leveled.

Sandra 2009 benchmarks 230 vs 330, 1GB DDR 667mhz:


Multi Media

I lost the screenshot for the 230 Cryptography but just cut the 330 score in half and you get the idea.

Here is the 330 playing back h.264 from several sources. There seems to be frame dropping for the Transformers HD DVD but then I don't know if it is an issue on buffering or just the chipset limiting the Atom. Blu-Ray seems to do better but I can't really say.

Anyway, for a HTPC just to play all those HD rips you dled from BT the Atom 330 will sure kick ass.

In case Blogger buggered up the video you can view it here:

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