Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Review of the Samsung Ultra Slim Mouse 8.0

The Samsung Ultra Slim Mouse 8.0

Look at that small blue led!

The Mouse lighted up.

Ok, I actually had this mouse for over 6 months now and I wanted to put a review of it on my blog but as RL has it in for me and my less than diligent work ethics it got delayed.

So as you can see this mouse is very small. Being a notebook mouse you can understand that but for that weight catagory this sucker is probably the smallest mouse you could find. It's about the same size as my YP-T9 or to put in proper perspective: just a little longer than 3x20 cents by 20 cent and 1/2 20 cent wide and 5x20 cents at the thickest end.

Being so small you would expect USM 8.0 to be bare minimal in features. Nope. This sucker is packed. First you got the dial wheel to scroll up and down. Dial clockwise and you scroll down. Counter-clockwise and you scroll up. And if you think those little dimples on the side are the buttons of the USM you are mistaken. The buttons on the USM which count up to 5, are left mouse, right mouse, middle mouse, forward and back buttons.

The left mouse button is the dead centre of the dial wheel so you can't miss it. The right mouse button is on the dial wheel, right of the left button. The middle mouse button left of the left mouse on the dial wheel. The forward button (for moving forward in your web browser) is the top of the left mouse button. And the back button is on the bottom of the left mouse button.

Complicated? Not really. You get used to it quite quickly. Although, using the USM 8.0 for an hour over may start to cramp your fingers is main function it's to act as a ultra portable mouse to replace the touchpad when you need it.

In the end the USM is pretty cool to use and the dial wheel is incredibly handy. The build quality is very high, the top being brushed alu and the feet has extra smooth gliding. The buttons don't feel cheap and have a 'soft' click to it. So if you need to use the mouse in a pinch the USM would be a pretty good choice.

I got mine for RM89 including shipping from LowYat.
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